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Check out these apps that allow you to use your iPhone as webcam to monitor video and audio feeds Jignesh Padhiyar Away from home and missing your sweet pet? You can easily track both your lovely pet and home using a webcam. Keep track of multiple live video and audio feeds. Easily adjust the resolution of the videos. Even better, get alerts for face detection and audio. You can also receive the notifications when the iCam detects anything. To use this app, you will have to download iCamSource software from http: With the support for iCam cloud, all the iCamSource motion events are automatically backed up to cloud as soon as they are recorded. The camera quality is amazing, which is the most important aspect to consider.

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Smartphones have already met the demands for stunning video, but whether you’re a filmmaker, mobile journalist, vlogger, streamer, videographer or anyone that creates video content, you know the audio is just as integral of a component to the final project. A dual-channel digital wireless system operating in the 2. And keep recording, as the receiver offers up to 13 hours of battery life from its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The new JVC Marshmallow Remote with Microphones Earbuds feature a built-in remote control and microphone and are designed for use with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry.

A good entry level lavalier mic for use with web videos Name: I actually bought this product from Best Buy when I saw it was discounted. I wasn’t sure how the sound would turn out but to my surprise it sounds amazing!!!! My dad will be using it in his classroom when he gives lectures. I will definitely be buying more Pyle products! Good low cost wireless mic, also works well it connect to guitar to body pack Name: I was looking for a wireless mike to record into my video camera at a maximum of 30 feet.

This baby worked good for me. Works great wish you could change frequencies to use more than one. There’s some noise to be dealt with, but I don’t think I’ve ever used a wireless lav that did not suffer from from a little noise. It’s very simple to use, easy to combine with all of my mixer options, and gives the speaker SO much freedom. I got this to go with the pwma It is a perfect solution to holding a mic in my hand.

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InvisibleLink circuitry delivers optimum sound quality. The transmitter features a unidirectional dynamic element and superior internal shock mounting. Features pro-quality Audio Technica cardiod mic. When it comes down to vocal wireless you have to start with quality mic. Many of the budget units on the market today might have clarity and good noise reduction, but ask yourself, would I choose THIS mic if I were going to use a cable mic? Don’t buy a no-name wireless set when you can get a fantastic Shure SM58 mic for less.

The Hi Wind Cover is designed to fit the Modular Windshield Kit to offer up to 35dB in wind noise reduction. It is manufactured from a durable black fleece material and is easy to fit in the field by simply sliding it over the windshield basket, secured in place with hook & loop fastener pads.

Non-USB is an important topic. All microphones create an analog signal which needs to be converted to a digital signal for use with your computer software. The analog to digital conversion can happen outside of your computer with either a converting device integrated into the microphone or with an independent converting device or with your computer’s on-board sound card. There are three main advantages to using a system doing the conversion outside of your computer: The external USB Sound Adapter accomplishes the process outside of the “electrically loud” environment of your personal computer and theoretically this may improve the quality of the process.

External sound adapters are specifically designed for use with pc microphones are more apt to provide the correct voltage for your microphone and provide more predictably good results The use of an external sound adapter makes it more practical to move a voice profile from one computer to another and get predictably similar results, because both the user files and sound converting device are being moved.

The bottom line is that use of an external sound conversion device adapter is not essential but is highly recommended. If you purchase a standard analog microphone without an integrated USB sound adapter, we recommend purchasing an external USB sound adapter and interfacing your microphone to your computer with this adapter. You can read more about these devices near the bottom of this guide. Our Rating System Comparing microphones is a difficult task as objective criteria for such comparisons are difficult if not impossible to develop.

Further complicating matters is the likely variability of microphones based on dictation environment, user voice qualities, dictation style, and computer. What we have used to develop our rating for each microphone is admittedly somewhat subjective and is based on a series of factors, including:

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Share on Facebook Adding a microphone and headset to your office computer turns it into a virtual conference center. These devices make it possible for you to conduct remote business meetings and place phone calls if you have the appropriate software installed. In most cases, no drivers are needed; just plug the headset in and go.

Adding Audio Recording to your Security Camera System. May 27, June 7, This will hook up to a break-out cable that will provide enough audio inputs for all your cameras. If your camera has a built-in microphone, clicking this speaker icon will enable audio for your camera.

Common Pinouts Output Examples and information for specific output devices and peripherals: How to connect and wire up devices and code to drive them. They enable you connect additional output etc. Also listed is Arduino software for controlling multiple cameras from PC or Mac serial terminal software. Works with all cameras that are compatible with the Canon RC-1 remote.

A fully featured intervalometer by Tom Lackamp. Controlling camera shutter, flash and more via 3 pin plug. Forum discussion with sample code. IR remote for canon digital camera. Sample code and pointers of how to get it working. Canon RC-1 compatible IR remote. This can be used to control video cameras, and a subset of it might be used to control still cameras Arduino-LANC Code.

Easy to understand code.

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Lens rotates; iOS app connects via Bluetooth; Connects with Mod Live goggles; The Cons Short battery life; Low photo resolution Verdict This excellent wearable action camera records high-quality video, sports a rotating lens and lets you use your smartphone as a viewfinder. Review Capturing your feats of derring-do and sharing them with others has never been easier.

This year, it’s added a few new tricks, such as the ability to stream to an iPhone or even ski goggles. The bulk of the camera is a cylinder about 4 inches long and an inch in diameter, with a smaller squarish piece below.

I have a Samsung HMX-F video cam corder. I am trying to hook up an external microphone to this camera as I am recording a subject 50 feet away.

Although microphones are not for everyone, they can be a beneficial addition to some security systems, whether in the home or at the family’s business. How To Connect A Microphone To Your DVR Although most people who have a security system are familiar with DVR systems and the different types of security cameras that are available, a lot of people do not think about incorporating microphones into their security systems. There are a variety of reasons why individuals connect microphones to their DVR security systems.

Security systems can be used for much more than protection from burglaries, and installing a microphone can help with this task. Many parents with babies and young children like to be able to monitor their child from other rooms. By attaching a microphone to your DVR, you can use your security camera as a baby monitor as well, allowing you to sleep easier at night and helping to ensure the safety of your child.

This is most effective when your DVR system is in your bedroom. If you work from home and spend long days in your home office, you can also keep the DVR system in your home office as a way to keep an eye on your baby during nap time or while the baby is playing in a play pen. A microphone can also be used to help protect older children.

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After checking to make sure that your cabling is connected properly and you do in fact have audio capabilities on your security cameras, actually enabling audio in your system is a very easy process. This article will delve into that and make sure your security camera system from CCTV is ready for audio. Without either, there will be no audio pickup device to get audio from and into the DVR.

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Just hook up some webcams even IP cameras and leave iSpy running. You can check in at any time through this website to monitor and control the cameras in your house and you can relax in the knowledge that should anyone break in you’ll instantly be alerted with framegrabs of the intruders sent to your mobile and recorded video uploaded to youtube with private access only.

Office Surveillance An unattended office is vulnerable to theft. Just as iSpy can keep an eye on your home, it can do the same for your workplace. Offices also have the added benefit of there already being lots of iSpy capable computers sitting around doing nothing! Work Monitoring Suspect that your employees are skylarking on the internet when they should be working?

Install iSpyServer on their computers and setup a video feed of their desktop – you can password protect it and leave it running in the background. Hey presto – you can now sign in from anywhere in the world and watch a live feed of exactly what they’re working on!

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