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FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half Here is an idea I had been playing with and these are the basics of what I am going to be doing except I think I will use copper piping instead of vinyl but this is the basics of a good sized water chiller for all of use hydro and aero growers as you all know water temps in the res can get little warm and you wanna keep them 68 or slightly under. Here the DIY chiller using few tools and basically some copper tubing and a small mini fridge.. A rather quick and inexpensive method for maintaining a steady system temperature, especially during those long hot summer months. While not as efficient as commercial chillers, this is a viable alternative and will draw your water temp down surprisingly well. Use a pre-set or variable heater to “balance” the temp within the sump and it’ll become “hands-free”! This will give a better overall temperature control within the cooling box. There is no need to seal the door. I had originally thought of this, but decided against it as I figured I might need the access if something went wrong down the road. Besides, it’s a great place to keep your additives that require refrigeration after opening and a 6 pack!

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Choosing the Correct Chiller Aquarium plants and animals need to be kept within specific temperature ranges. These large pieces of equipment seem high-tech and confusing, but they are really just special air-conditioner-like appliances that keep your tank from heating up too much. The tank is kept in a room full of potentially warm equipment, like a TV, high-power lamps, oven, whatever.

Is your tank against 2 walls, and is it not getting enough circulation around it? Is your light hood vented especially if you have halides so that heat can escape?

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This is what I understand. Stuff lives on your rock. When you take it from where you got it, some of that stuff dies. When you put it in your tank that dead stuff is decomposed by bacteria also from the rock producing Ammonia. More bacteria take the Ammonia and convert it into Nitrite. And even more Bacteria convert that into Nitrate. So this is a bit odd to have Nitrate without any of the other two. But this is what I figure. The Ammonia is from my tank, it is just starting to produce as the cycle starts, and the Nitrate is from the rock that I brought in.

So lucky me, I got some Nitrate Hitchhikers! I ordered a titanium heater and testing kits as well as calcium Kwalassesnnsess? I am thinking of changing the aquascaping.

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Written by Kate Barrington Updated August 21, Aquarium lighting systems come in all shapes and sizes – learn how to choose the right system for the tank size you have. Aquarium lighting is very important, yet many aquarium hobbyists overlook its importance. Not only can a quality lighting system help your tank look its best, but it plays a key role in maintaining plant life as well. When choosing your aquarium lighting system you need to consider a number of factors including your tank size.

The prices below are for Lifereef products only. However, I have access to several wholesale distributors and can purchase most anything in the hobby: Electronics, Wave/Current pumps, LED Lighting, Pumps, Neptune/Apex, etc. Email or call with your best price and let me see if I .

Screwdrivers to fit the various hardware of the particular fridge you own. Hopefully you already have a drill and the bit s. While not as efficient as commercial chillers, this is a viable alternative and will draw your water temp down surprisingly well. Use a pre-set or variable heater to “balance” the temp within the sump and it’ll become “hands-free”! Do you just need a temporary Emergency Chiller to help keep your hydro system temps down for a few days?

Substitute an ice chest even one of those inexpensive styrofoam ones will do for the Dorm-sized refrigerator and fill it with ice. Drop the tubing coil in it and you are ready to start chilling!

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Paid memberships don’t see ads! This is the last time I will be making these at this price, the cost of tool steel and carbide keep going up. There are thirty 36″ platens, eighteen 48″ platens, twenty five 72″ platens and six flat platens. Be aware that the 72″ grind is too subtle to really notice with your eyes.

Apr 15,  · As we are new to R2R, we thought we’d share our build. Our current system has been up and running since May 1, and consists of a custom Marineland g deep dimension tank with a total system volume of g.

Larry Well-Known Member Atomizer said: Keeping something frozen takes a lot less energy especially if the container is well insulated Click to expand Again, I agree completely. But a chest freezer sitting in the sun on a deg day is going to be working as hard as it possibly could. As Im sure you know, insulation is not perfect.

Heat always transfers through it. Its just a question of how fast. That freezer sitting in the sun is going to be working a lot harder than it would trying to keep a few gallons of water a few degrees below ambient on an intermittent schedule. Plus, to me the key point here is that the same logic, and the same math, applies equally to keeping a rez cool as it does to keeping frozen yogurt cool.

No matter which “chiller” type you choose, and no matter how you do it, you are going to have to remove the same amount of heat over the same time period.

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Pin Shares 0 Aquarium chillers are devices that reduce the temperature of the water in a fish tank. At first glance, an aquarium chiller may appear to be an odd accessory for a tropical aquarium. They are, after all, filled with tropical animals that are accustomed to tropical temperatures. While tropical fish need warm water, real problems can arise if the water gets too hot or fluctuates too much. As the temperature rises the oxygen level drops, making it more difficult for fish to breathe.

Higher temperatures also lead to increased problems with nuisance algae and parasites. Most importantly, tropical fish like stability. High temperature fluctuations often lead to unhealthy fish.

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San Diego oldfishkeeper said: I’m sure you were stoked to get that find! That is so awesome, chillers are pretty expensive no? Very happy for your find! I’m thinking you’ve covered all the bases. I was super stoked to find it.

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I’ve bought a second hand Resun CL chiller from a fellow “reefugee” and I’ve downloaded a manual. The basics seems simple enough. However I’ve studied the mechanics of this and other chillers and there is a potential weakness in design. Since most chillers operate on an internal thermostat, it can only be measuring the water inside the chiller, which will theoretically be the coldest point in the entire system.

So you could have 25C in the chiller but 30C in the tank at any moment in time. Obviously over time the overall temperature should come down but it seems to me that the chiller will be turning off and on needlessly every time it chills the volume of water around the thermostat. You could install an in tank thermostat to control the power supply but Would I be right in assuming that operating the basic chiller unit, maximum efficiency will come most from the flow rate through the chiller?

Too slow is obviously inefficient but what about overdriving flow?

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New Resun Nano Chiller Originally Posted by madscientist 3 years and the technological advancements are amazing,: P What talking you? Technology advancement is one thing but whether the technology is useful or not is another matter. With rising electricity cost, efficiency will set the standard. And since our little island is very near the equator, you’ll know you need your equipment to perform fast and quickly bring down the temperature than having to wait for a long time to bring down a couple of degree.

Temperature fluctuation is an important thing to take note and the ability to have a stable temperature to keep the creature living in comfort is every aqua enthusiast target.

Feb 12,  · Radius platens, End radius platens, Flat platens, Water cooled chillers Discussion in ‘For Sale: Knifemaking Supplies & Tools’ started by Nathan the Machinist, Feb 12,

It has the garden hose male end on it already. It is low flow and does well to just recirc ice water or snow water in winter. I chill down to then use 1 20lb bag of ice. This is how I do it. I found 5′ lengths of garden hose with the attachments. I just use about 8 ice cube trays worth of ice in a small kettle that I have for strike water. Sump pumps start at around 35 or 40 and just get stupid expensive.

One thing to think about, which if you’re like me may slip past you: Try to get your bucket o’ ice water on the same level as your kettle. Even a little vertical elevation can have a significant impact on water flow. Mine is a small one, rated for up to a 66″ head, but even the 24″ or so it had to climb from the ground to the top of my chiller reduced flow to the point where it was taking far too long to chill.

Placing the bucket on a table where the pump was pretty much level with the kettle eliminated that problem and sped things up considerably. VikeMan Meyvn 1, Jul 12, Pennsylvania sergeantstogie said:

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Due to higher temperatures in summer I would like to buy a chiller for my aquarium. The left hand compartment Size: A gap has been provided between the base board and door and the rear has been left open to allow for proper airflow for the chiller to run without overheating. The inlet and outlet pipes of the chiller should pass through the cut out at the top rear left corner of dividing wall between the sump and chiller compartments.

Connect the inlet pipe of the chiller to the chiller outlet on the main return pump Red Dragon 3 manifold. Connect the outlet of the chiller to the inlet of the chiller return pipe that is attached to the rear wall of the sump compartment.

Many pet enthusiasts are now keeping fish in their homes using small tanks that can fit in small spaces around the house. To care for the fish and keep it healthy, your responsibilities will include feeding it and cleaning up the mess left behind.

And not surprisingly so. Offering a wide variety of choices — for saltwater, freshwater and reef tanks, AquaEuro stands out for its state-of-the-art features including: TradeWind Chiller Tradewind In Line Aquarium Chiller Whether in-line style aquarium chillers, drop-in style, or high-performance, the TradeWind series of aquarium chillers have always come out on top. TradeWind uses Copeland Condensing units designed to provide optimum performance and durability.

It has thermal expansion valves which are operated using an electronic controller. The built-in sensor has the ability to detect pump failure and automatically shuts off the chiller to prevent damage. Because of this, TradeWinds Chillers are known to last longer and maintain its efficiency for years. Remember, when you purchase a TradeWinds, be sure to avail of their free installation.

For more information, visit: The cooling technology used in TECO chillers boasts of high-efficiency titanium exchanger which not only makes it an efficient chiller, but also helps save energy. TECO aquarium chillers may be more expensive, but consider it a worthy investment. After all, its UK-based manufacturer guarantees efficiency, reliability and advanced technology — stuff that your precious little tank tenants deserve. Oceanic Aquarium Chiller Oceanic Aquarium Chiller The Oceanic brand is recognized to provide the most advanced technology in aquarium systems.

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