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Isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic? Rachel Karen Green is a fictional character on the popular U. She met Monica Geller for the first time when they were both six years old. They quickly became best friends, remaining exactly that from then until attending the same high school. Rachel also soon met Monica’s older brother, Ross , who developed a crush on her which he ultimately decided to keep to himself. She was also involved with an unpleasant-nature fellow high school student named Chip, who arrived late to take her out to the high school prom. When it appeared that Chip was never going to arrive, Ross, after being encouraged by his parents Jack and Judy , decided to ask her out himself.

Janice Litman

Monica and Chandler can’t seem to sleep, Rachel and Tag search for a business file, Joey and Ross try to get off the roof staying after the others and getting locked out, and Phoebe’s smoke detector won’t stop beeping, leading to a run-in with a firefighter. Meanwhile, Monica and Ross visit their childhood house, finding out their parents are selling it.

However, an incident with the Porsche and a flood leads to Monica’s childhood boxes being ruined while Ross’ stay dry. Phoebe takes a telemarketing job selling toner and tries to save a man named Earl Jason Alexander from committing suicide. After realizing that Tag is too young and immature, she breaks up with him. Moreover, it is previously said elsewhere in seasons 4 and 5 that Rachel was born on May 5th and not in the wintertime.

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Charles Curtis Polkinghorn, Sr. He attended school in Dubuque through the tenth grade. In , Charles was united in marriage to Sandra Murray in Dubuque. Three children were born to this union. The couple later divorced. He loved listening to classic country music and enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren. Survivors include his three children, Charles Polkinghorn, Jr. Charles was preceded in death by his parents; his brother, William Polkinghorn, and his sister, Margaret Trautwein.

Leonard-Muller Funeral Home of Manchester is assisting the family with arrangements. Online condolences may be sent to www. Private family services will be held at a later date.


Contact Author Source Around the holidays, television is full of Christmas movies. Some of them are great, others are lame and cheesy. If you are looking for a show to get you in the holiday spirit, why not watch Friends? This classic sitcom was wildly popular during its 10 year run and there are lots of silly holiday episodes for you to choose from.

Every season has a holiday episode except season Some of them have more holiday themes than others, but one thing is for sure- they are all funny.

Far Rockaway High School Classmate Memories, an extension of the FRHS Memorial Page. Memories of classmates who are no longer with us, written by family and friends.

Sue-Carol Ludacer Nussbaum, ’50, who began these wonderful memories Okay, here goes: Where are all the train riders? Where are those of us who stood on the platforms of Laurelton and Rosedale stations and waited for the Long Island Railroad to take us to school?. Where are those of us, who had our own culture, the culture of P. What happened to those of us who made the choice to go to Far Rockaway and opt for the train instead of the bus to Andrew Jackson High School, thus sublimating ourselves to the overwhelming culture of the Rockawayites?

Even now, as I log onto the site, it is overwhelmingly of the Rockaways, the public schools they attended, the shops they frequented and the friends they made. Let’s hear about what happened to that vibrant culture, the kids from Laurelton, who went to Chung’s Chinese restaurant and Safran’s delicatessen and the Woolworths on the corner of th street and Merrick Road.

Who among you remember the “Itch” our Laurelton movie house and meeting friends there? Is anyone as old as I am who can remember when the Bee Line bus ran along Merrick Road, before it became a Blvd, and the city busses ran on it? Where are you all? I remember Laurelton, and my Irish, German, and Jewish friends as the great melting pot of my youth. I remember going to St. Claire’s church in Rosedale with my Catholic friends, because Laurelton didn’t have one Catholic church.

Friends (season 7)

Ross finds out Emily is engaged to be married again; he goes out on the town and somehow hooks up with Janice. Their relationship starts out great, but soon Janice can’t stand Ross’s constant whining and she breaks it off. Chandler takes Monica to a work party, as well as some outings with Chandler’s boss and his wife; Monica learns that ‘Work Chandler’ is a suck-up with an exaggerated laugh. Phoebe and Joey race birds.

The one where they said Everybody at work loved you last night!

Clemencia Perez, 61, of Center, Texas passed away on November 7, in Nacogdoches. She was born on March 2, in Epitacio Huerta Michoacan, Mexico to Benjamin Perez and Nabora Arcos.

Sadly missed by her four brothers and their families all of Ontario. Tena will be remembered by her extended family and friends in Holland. Pastor Gregg Lawson to officiate. Interment in Glenwood Cemetery in the spring of If desired, donations may be made to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation and would be appreciated by the family. Friends may visit with the family at the church on Wednesday from 1pm until 2pm service time.

Noreen will be fondly remembered by her many friends and her Picton United Church family. Reverend Richard Hamilton to officiate. Cremation has taken place. Friends may gather in the church from 2 pm until the service at 2: Loving wife of Kyler Ringlet.


Q-Z 2-D – by Alex Hawk – A pair of brothers visit the Virgin Islands and find out they like looking at the scenery there less than they like looking at each other. Much more easily than you might think! Check this story for details. MF, inc, drugs A1 Chloe and Zoe – by Chloe – Starts out as to naughty girls you chose their age , and the story has two endings that you choose from, a non-consensual rape ending or a science-fictional with Wild West ending.

Love in the ‘biblical’ sense.

Somebody better call Janice — because OH. MY. GOD!!!! nearly everycombination of the “Friends” have hooked up at one point or another; we saw Phoebe and Ross hook up in one of the.

Monica goes on a date with Paul the wine guy, who turns out to be less than sincere. Ross is depressed about his failed marriage. Joey compares women to ice cream. Everyone watches Spanish soaps. Ross reveals his high school crush on Rachel. Ugly Naked Guy gets a thigh-master. Ross and Monica’s parents come for dinner, which stresses Monica out. Ross and Rachel console each other. Rachel returns the ring to Barry, who is much less upset about the break-up than expected.

Chandler starts smoking again; when the group complains, he diverts their attention to their own faults.

Friends (season 5)

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Whitehawk Growing up in Whitehawk in the s By Colin Chitty. I was born in the back bedroom of , Whitehawk Road on 11th October I was the .

Edit Though she is Chandler’s girlfriend since the start of the series, Janice isn’t seen until the fifth episode , when Chandler asks Phoebe to help him break up with her. Later that season, Chandler invites her to a New Year’s party in a desperate attempt to have someone to kiss, but can’t stand being around her and breaks up with her again before midnight, leaving him so cranky that Joey ends up kissing him.

Later in the first season, Chandler and Janice hook up again after Joey unknowingly sets Chandler up with her on a double-date. He sleeps with her and then dumps her again the next day, which happens to be Valentine’s Day. In the beginning of Season 2 , a lonely Chandler who is afraid of becoming like Mr Heckles decides to call Janice, but she reveals herself at Central Perk, married and pregnant.

Only in the last episode of Season 2 does Chandler hook up with her again, after flirting with her on the Internet although he does not know her identity during the conversations, he does discover that she’s married. This starts his longest relationship with Janice during the course of the show, which ends in The One With The Giant Poking Device , when Chandler finds out she’s cheating on him with her soon-to-be ex-husband and tells her to try and re-construct her family.

In the middle of Season 4 , Janice and Chandler meet at a nails studio. Although she is crazy about Chandler, it is clear that he does not reciprocate her feelings anymore.

Courteney Cox Shows Off Her ‘Friends’ Knowledge