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Jerry Varnell, 23, was arrested Saturday for trying to blow up the BancFirst National building with a van he thought was packed with explosives, according to federal prosecutors. Advertisement Varnell’s parents, who said he has been hospitalized in psychiatric institutions numerous times, claim he was “aided and abetted” by the FBI, KFOR reported. During the eight-month investigation, an undercover agent posed as someone who could assist Varnell in the plot and helped him build the bomb with “inert” materials before it was loaded on a van and driven around by the year-old in a rehearsal for the detonation. Varnell was diagnosed with schizophrenic affective disorder in court documents dating back to and his parents Melonie and Clifford Varnell told KFOR: In , Varnell’s ex-wife called the Southwestern Oklahoma State University police claiming the year-old Varnell raped her during a “schizophrenic episode”, according to a probable cause affidavit cited by KFOR. He choked and smothered her with a pillow until she fell unconscious, and she awoke to find Varnell raping her, the affidavit states. When police arrived and found Varnell passed out in the bathtub, his then-wife told authorities she didn’t want to file any charges against him.

Muslim Asylum Seeker and Dating Website Partner Guilty of Bomb Plot

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LONDON – A man and woman who met on a Muslim dating website have been convicted of plotting a bomb attack in Britain.

Copyright remains with the author s or their institution s. Permission for reuse free in most cases can be obtained from RightsLink. Published on the web 27 October Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, , 75 1: The use of fin spines and sagittal otoliths for age reading has led to unconfirmed longevity estimates near 20—30 years. Age validation has been elusive because large individuals are uncommonly caught, and a technique that can be applied to structures that provide estimates of age was absent.

The use of otolith chemical signatures has been limited by sagittal otoliths that are very small — whole otolith mass of adult blue marlin rarely exceeds 10 mg for the largest fish. Recent advances in the detection limits of radiocarbon 14C with accelerator mass spectrometry — coupled with recently acquired knowledge of marine bomb 14C signals spanning the tropical Pacific Ocean — have led to an opportunity to age blue marlin from small amounts of otolith material.

In this study, otoliths from a recently collected lb kg female blue marlin at a measured inch cm lower jaw fork length were analyzed for 14C. Estimated longevity was either 12—21 or 32—44 years on the basis of bomb 14C dating. Using multiple lines of evidence, it was determined that the young age scenario was most likely, with evidence for an age close to 20 years using a series of deductions in the bomb 14C dating method.

Great longevity of speckled hind Epinephelus drummondhayi , a deep-water grouper, with novel use of postbomb radiocarbon dating in the Gulf of Mexico. Refined bomb radiocarbon dating of two iconic fishes of the Great Barrier Reef. Bomb-produced radiocarbon in the western tropical Pacific Ocean—Guam coral reveals operation-specific signals from the Pacific Proving Grounds.

Radiocarbon Dating

Blog Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Atomic Bomb The decision to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima in August, , has been debated ever since. Truman concluded that the bomb would shorten the war and save many American lives. On the small, volcanic island of Iwo Jima , the United States had taken 26, casualties, including 6, deaths. Some of the scientists who had worked to produce the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project were getting cold feet about using it against Japan.

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The historical perspective on the development of radiocarbon dating is well outlined in Taylor’s book “Radiocarbon Dating: Libby and his team intially tested the radiocarbon method on samples from prehistoric Egypt. They chose samples whose age could be independently determined. A sample of acacia wood from the tomb of the pharoah Zoser or Djoser; 3rd Dynasty, ca. The results they obtained indicated this was the case.

Other analyses were conducted on samples of known age wood dendrochronologically aged. The tests suggested that the half-life they had measured was accurate, and, quite reasonably, suggested further that atmospheric radiocarbon concentration had remained constant throughout the recent past. In , Arnold and Libby published their paper “Age determinations by radiocarbon content: Checks with samples of known age” in the journal Science. In this paper they presented the first results of the C14 method, including the “Curve of Knowns” in which radiocarbon dates were compared with the known age historical dates see figure 1.

Radiocarbon calibration

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Using multiple lines of evidence, it was determined that the young age scenario was most likely, with evidence for an age close to 20 years using a series of deductions in the bomb 14 C dating method.

Radiocarbon or carbon 14C is produced naturally in the atmosphere by cosmic ray interactions with nitrogen. Single carbon atoms in the atmosphere are quickly oxidized to carbon dioxide CO2. The atmospheric concentration of natural 14C with respect to all carbon has remained relatively stable at about 1. With a radioactive half-life of years, the radioactive decay of 14C is minimal within the time periods of interest in medical forensic cases and applicable for samples over years of age.

Northern hemisphere growing season average of atmospheric 14C concentration in CO2 from The vertical axis uses the F14C nomenclature. From the peak in , the level of 14CO2 has decreased with a mean life of about 16 years, not due to radioactive decay, but due to mixing with large marine and terrestrial carbon reservoirs. The 14C has not actually disappeared, it has simply moved out of the atmosphere.

The temporal variations of artificially high levels of atmospheric radiocarbon have been captured in organic material world-wide and thus offer an opportunity to determine a date of synthesis for biomolecules.

George Clooney NOT “Living In Fear” After Bomb Scare, Despite Report

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Mohammed, of Leopold Street in Derby, and El-Hassan, of Willesden Lane in north-west London, denied preparing terrorist acts between November and December but a jury found them both guilty. Judge Michael Topolski QC remanded them in custody and warned them they faced jail when they are sentenced next month. You knew he was planning an explosion to kill and maim innocent people in the cause of Isis.

Records of their messages show they shared extremist views and videos, while Mohammed was put in touch with a man he believed was an Isis commander via Facebook. In September , Mohammed complained he had not received his instructions, telling his contact: He also looked at pressure cookers at Ace Discounts, which the prosecution said could be used to contain the explosives, according to several terrorist manuals.

Police found hydrogen peroxide in a wardrobe and hydrochloric acid in the freezer of his home during a raid on 12 December but Mohammed claimed they were for domestic purposes. But Mohammed had an arranged marriage in Sudan with a woman he had never met called Fatima, who he was hoping to bring to England on a student visa. He had arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry and claimed asylum in February , the court heard. El-Hassan, who came to Britain from Sudan at the age of three, told jurors she had sulphuric acid for her drains and got face masks to wear as she dealt with a damp problem in her flat.

Fawcett was a leading figure in the suffragist movement and campaigned relentlessly to get the vote for women in this country.

Man arrested for bomb plot in Oklahoma City was diagnosed with schizophrenia

A CRA is derived using an age calculation based upon the decay corrected activity of the absolute radiocarbon standard AD wood which is in equilibrium with atmospheric radiocarbon levels as mentioned previously, wood is no longer used as the primary radiocarbon standard, instead Oxalic Acid standards I and II were correlated with the activity of the original standard. In order to ascertain the ages of samples which were formed in equilibrium with different reservoirs to these materials, it is necessary to provide an age correction.

Implicit in the Conventional Radiocarbon Age BP is the fact that it is not adjusted for this correction.

LONDON (AP) — A man and woman who met on a Muslim dating website were convicted Monday of plotting a bomb attack in Britain. Prosecutors say Munir Mohammed, an asylum-seeker from Sudan, and London pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan met on .

Background[ edit ] The radioisotope carbon is constantly formed from nitrogen 14N in the higher atmosphere by incoming cosmic rays which generate neutrons. These neutrons collide with 14N to produce 14C which then combines with oxygen to form 14CO2. This radioactive CO2 spreads through the lower atmosphere and the oceans where it is absorbed by the plants and the animals that eat the plants. The radioisotope 14C thus becomes part of the biosphere so that all living organisms contain a certain amount of 14C.

Nuclear testing caused a rapid increase in atmospheric 14C see figure , since the explosion of an atomic bomb also creates neutrons which collide again with 14N and produce 14C. This continuous decrease permits scientists to determine among others the age of deceased people and allows them to study cell activity in tissues. By measuring the amount of 14C in a population of cells and comparing that to the amount of 14C in the atmosphere during or after the bomb pulse, scientists can estimate when the cells were created and how often they’ve turned over since then.

As the organism dies, the exchange of 14C with the environment ceases and the incorporated 14C decays. Given the steady decay of radioisotopes the half-life of 14C is about 5, years , the amount of 14C left in the dead organism can be used to calculate how long ago it died. Bomb pulse dating should be considered a special form of carbon dating.

As discussed above and in the Radiolab episode, Elements section ‘Carbon’ , [4] in bomb pulse dating the slow absorption of atmospheric 14C by the biosphere, can be considered as a chronometer.

How A

Islamic State A couple plotted an Islamic State-inspired attack on Britain with a home-made bomb or deadly ricin poison after meeting on a dating website, a court has heard. Would-be “lone wolf” Munir Mohammed volunteered for a “new job in the UK”, in Facebook communications with a man he believed was an IS commander, jurors were told.

He had allegedly enlisted the help of pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan, drawing on her knowledge of what chemicals were needed to make a bomb. At the time of his arrest last December, Mohammed had two of the three components for TATP explosives and instruction manuals on how to make explosives, mobile phone detonators, and ricin, the Old Bailey heard. Prosecutor Anne Whyte QC said:

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5 Ways to Disarm a Love Bombing Sociopath

Carbon atoms are incorporated into plant tissue by photosynthesis then into animal tissue by ingestion in nearly the same ratio as in the atmosphere. After that, the ratio of 14C to 12C decreases as the radiocarbon decays. The Beta-counting method detects the rate at which purified carbon decays. Libby determined, one gram of pure carbon should produce about 14 However, atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the late ‘s and early ‘s greatly increased the amount of radiocarbon in the atmosphere, so the decay rate of 14 decays per minute more than doubled.

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Police had found two of the three chemicals needed to make explosives, bomb-making manuals, and the poison ricin when they raided his flat in December According to Jeremy Ball, a BBC East Midlands correspondent, he planned to make a pressure cooker bomb of the same sort used in the Boston bombing, and had pledged allegiance to an Islamic State commander who urged the poisoning of food to kill enemies of Islam. An asylum seeker from Afghanistan who he lived with said that he was obsessed with religion, arguing with his housemate about wearing shorts, and his Facebook page contained praise for Osama Bin Laden, Islamic State propaganda, and beheading videos.

Searches at properties in London and Derby uncovered a range of materials that would be of assistance to someone creating explosives, including a range of chemicals and equipment. Mohammed worked in a ready meal factory and is also accused of using sophisticated fake documents to allow him to work illegally in the UK. The Old Bailey heard Mr.

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